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Next Week...

So, who has what finals on what days?

Me: Psych on Tues, HumCore on Wed. I am the ultimate slacker.

Also, when is everyone going to be moving out?
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This Week:

  • Friday: Chem. lab

Next Week:

  • Monday: Chem. H2C
  • Tuesday: E8
  • Wednesday: HumCore
  • Friday: J7

You have too many classes right now. It scares me.
Last Thursday: Physics 7LA
Tomorrow: Chem 1LC
Monday: Chem H2C
Wednesday: Humanities H2C and Physics 7A

Not fun :(. I'm screwed for the humanities one, I bet. We need to arrange another review session, because that really helped me study (did it help everyone else?).

Oh, I move out on Saturday. I'm starting to miss everyone already. :(
I'm moving all my stuff out early Wednesday afternoon, putting it in CV storage, and actually turning in my keys on Friday. My appt. is for 10:20 AM.

I'm moving into CV on Sunday, June 22. School starts the next day.